Tripping Back Now To Places You’ve Been To? Nah, I’ll Pass

Here’s My Desk … BTW … Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya!

A few short years ago—prior to 2011—I never would have believed it. That said, the fact remains that today I am very relieved to have been forcibly ejected by a number of factors from my so called ‘career’. I didn’t realize it, but I had become like the frog boiled in the water. I thought I was the cat’s pajamas—enjoying the heck out of my life’s calling.

Excuse me, while I grab a napkin and wipe up the coffee that I snorted through my nose as I said that.

My how time and stepping away changes one’s perspectives. There is nothing in me—not even at the deepest cellular levels—that would ever want to be enmeshed in that whole Tower Of Babel again. The precious darling who was my administrative assistant became my successor at my last job. As the motherly type, you may be wondering if I have any words of advice for her. Thank you for asking because, yes, I do.

I’d like to say “May the Good Lord reward you with a double portion of everything that goes with that black hole.” Tee hee.

Sorry Darlin’

It takes a bit of age and being extremely tired before it sinks in, but being the CEO [aka Kindergarten Cop] in charge of Dysfunction Junction isn’t a badge of honor, nor is is something to aspire to. But then, that’s just my never-to-be-humble opinion. Now a grandma looking at Medicare on the horizon, I say may the road forever rise up to meet her, and may she forever enjoy ‘The Chair’. And all that goes along with it.

In closing, please take a moment and join me as we humorously bow down in deference to The New King Queen Of The Hill.


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