Just Another Day In Camelot, Or Was It?

Obviously, for my husband Casper to ghost me the way he did, he must’ve deemed there were a number of issues with our marriage—at least from his perspective. However, this was news to me. Always a day late and a dollar short, my crystal ball was on the fritz and regrettably now, I never completed that tea-leaf reading class.

Call me asleep at the switch, but right up until the day he dropped the bomb, I saw nothing out of the ordinary in his behavior. We’d had no arguments or disagreements to speak of, nor was I aware of anything that signaled a man dissatisfied with his marriage.

For goodness sakes, we even worked together!

Co-workers had often commented to me about how well they thought we got along. I remember several laughing and saying that they didn’t think they could ever work with their spouses. I never understood this, and always thought to myself, “If you both loved and respected each other, you could.” Well, so much for my early warning system, right?

Flying Under The Radar

To make things even more shocking, Casper was one to send me ostentatious displays of cut flowers at work. He was great to always remember my birthday and our anniversary. And, very oddly, just a week before he left, he’d given me a large array of loose jewels, supposedly in celebration of our 29th wedding anniversary.

Looking at it now, he’d probably bought them for the other woman and she either didn’t like them or didn’t want them. Then, rather than go through the hassle of returning them, he probably gave them to me, seeing as he knew he was leaving me the next week.

In addition, I still have various ‘I Love You’ cards and loving emails that he sent to me during the day while I was working. Research on narcissists has led me to conclude that all of this was no doubt to cover his tracks and keep me off-guard and unsuspecting—i.e., thinking everything was normal—until he decided he was ready to drop the bomb.

A fool’s born every day, I suppose and I inadvertently answered that casting all. Oh well.

None The Wiser

I said all that to say that being naive, gullible—and hopelessly in love with him—you can imagine my surprise when all of this went down! Despite the fact that I wasn’t up for considering the possibility at the time, I now know that by leaving—Destiny has spoken.

And when these kinds of things happen, one must see past the hurt and be grateful. And I am.