February 17, 2020

Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh & Then Wait

Girl Can’t Help It

I’ve always had a humor problem. It got so bad when I was managing medical practices that I had to shut the speaker off in the hallway outside my office.

I was forever making up alternate lyrics to the elevator-music station that played overhead. I mean, really? Must people take themselves so seriously all day?

God gave me an awesome sense of humor. I hop up on it and use it as my magic carpet at times. I find that it smooths out the ride when negotiating the jagged edges of life’s unexpected twists and turns.

Be a sourpuss if you want. Not me.

Runaway Spouses, Affairs, And More

Every time I come across the word ‘runaway’ when I’m reading an article on runaway spouses—in my mind’s eye, Del Shannon jumps up on the bar and starts singing this song to me.

Of course, the humor imp that lives on my shoulder always changes the words for me.

Odds Are …

My perspective is that there’s always humor in most situations, but so much of the time, you have to take the time to actually look for it.

Take for instance the inherent humor in cheaters running away with other cheaters. The humor multiplies exponentially when the said cheaters actually go on to marry each other.

Think of it, two demonstrated promise-breakers making vows. Now, that’s slap your knee funny, I don’t care who you are.

To be serious for a moment, the sad fact is that the chances of those kinds of marriages staying intact are between 27 to 43%, according to Psychology Today.

Those slim percentages go even further down, depending on how many prior relationships each person has been in and jetted from in the past.

Uh, oh … sounds ominous already, doesn’t it?

Think about it. Would you board a plane with such slim percentages for landing safely?!

So, for that reason, I choose to focus on the humor of the situation, even if it means enjoying the humor at my own expense.

Laughter really IS a good medicine. If nothing else, it entertains us as we wait for the karma bus to make it’s rounds to the address of these two clowns.

Always The Optimist, Always Finding The Silver Lining

And even if by some strange statistical anomaly, the karma bus either doesn’t arrive, or if it appears to be taking its good old time getting there, a rejected spouse can console oneself with this thought: these two yahoos have to live with each other.

And what a life(!) they have chosen for themselves—forever wondering if/when they’ll be the one who gets the boot and gets replaced.

They get to be the one wondering why he/she always taking the phone into the bathroom.

They get to be the one wondering who their darling might be meeting up with, talking to via social media when the other one is at work, and/or who they might be rendezvousing on a business trip, etc.

A Toast To Your Health

God forbid that either of these folks should ever become weak or feeble. The literature says that these folks aren’t keen on sacrificing what they want for others.

They also aren’t known for doing what you and I would consider ‘the right thing’, especially when caring for an ill partner is concerned.

Hey, I’m just sayin’.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here at The Dark Comedy Club, we’ve just begun popping a fresh batch of hot buttered popcorn. In just a few seconds we’re gonna dim the lights.

So put your feet up, push your recliner seat back and get settled in to watch what is likely to be a really entertaining show.

Stay tuned …

As I walk along—I wonder what went wrong
With our love—a love (I ‘thought’) was strong
And as I still walk on—I think of the things he’s done—to get ‘her’
I’m so glad we’re done!

I’m a walkin’ in the rain
Life is callin’—and I feel no pain
Glad that he’s not here by me
Done with his misery!

And I wonder, I w-w-w-w-wonder
Why? Why, why, why, why, why—he ran away?
And I wonder when he will stray? (again)
Her’ little runaway, run, run, run, run, runaway

[A short musical interlude as The Karma bus arrives]

I’m a walkin’ in the rain
Life is callin’ — And I feel no pain
Glad that he’s not here by me
Now they’re in misery

And I wonder—I w-w-w–w-wonder
Who?— Who, who, who — will run away?
How do you like it? … Being betrayed …
Two little runaways—run, run, run, run—runaways
Run, run, run, run—runaways.

(Sometimes I crack myself up!) LOL


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