February 17, 2020

Sensitivity Alert! Twisted Humor Ahead

Bob & Weave. Don’t Get Hit

I write humor based on my own personal history and life experiences. That means that I cannot adequately tell my story without sometimes making reference to persons who either were on the periphery and/or were primary players in my life.

While a whopping dose of public humiliation might be good for some of these folks, parading people down Main Street in stocks and chains is frowned upon these days. Public flogging and tarring and feathering in the center of town has also fallen out favor as well. So I guess I’ll pass on those options and just leave it at poking the bear with a little good natured humor. LOL.

So … To Whom Will I Be Referring In My Writing, You Might Ask?

As they say: “What’yall say we skip that chapter and make it a mystery?”




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