February 17, 2020

Pardon Me Ma’am, But Your Go Around Is About To Come Around

Rose Colored Glasses You Always See What You Want To See

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you never know what will happen when you get up in the morning. Especially when you discover that your go-round has finally come-around.

I say this because exactly 29 years into my marriage to Blue Eyes—my entire life came down like a house of cards. And, like Babylon, it did so in under one hour.

Prior to that—from all appearances and to the best of MY knowledge at the time—all observable signs supported the notion that I was living a rather charmed life.

Skip To My Lou My Darlin’

Hmmm … let me go back and take inventory of how great my life was:

  • I felt very secure in the love of a husband whom I absolutely adored.
  • I had three wonderful grown children and four beautiful grandchildren.
  • I was 20+ years into my career , enjoying an impeccable professional reputation.
  • We had a comfortable home in a nice upper scale area.
  • We had three brand new cars.
  • We had a combined income north of $250K a year; My part was more than half of that.
  • Our credit was excellent.
  • We had ample savings in the bank.
  • Lastly, it was in the days before Obamacare—so  we even had great health insurance. LOL

What’s not to love here?

A Shark Tank That Needed Cleaning

You probably can tell from the buildup, there’s something’s amiss in the story I am about to tell. There’s a shoe somewhere that’s about to drop.

Yep, if your spidey-sense picked that up, it’s probably because as a reader are WAY more aware of reality than I was when I was a first-party participant.

I truly had no clue what was lurking in the water just beneath where I was swimming.

Funny how life lulls us to sleep, eh? I was 29 years from the the safety of shore. I had long before thrown away my life vest and any semblance of a back up plan. Worse yet, I couldn’t swim.

Jump into The Abyss, she said. This will be fun, she said.

Ahhh … but blind trust is what true love is made of, isn’t it? It’s all bubble-dancing and joy when you’re mesmerized by someone, right?

Well, since that was such a ridiculous misrepresentation, I may as well stay in the humor lane and go ahead and insert the shark-is-approaching sound effects from the movie ‘Jaws’ here for dramatic effect.

This short video and foreboding musical score is so fitting because that’s just how ridiculous my Pollyanna view of my Camelot existence was for nearly three decades. Duh!


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