If this is the first blog post of mine that you are reading, I probably should stop here and clarify that this blog is NOT one of those  narcissistic abuse recovery support sites. In other words, I’m not a psychologist or social worker. I haven’t written a book, nor is this a site a front from which to sell life subscriptions and life coaching services. Nope, it’s just my repository of essays and things I’ve written about my story. Simply a place where I humorously recount my crazy story of how I was  dumped and ghosted—and how I found joy and humor afterward.

So—depending on where you may be in your journey [if you’ve also been dumped] and how fresh your wounding may be, this may not be a site for you.

If detailed information on narcissistic abuse and personal support are what you need, there are plenty of other excellent sites that are geared to this on the internet. Many of them are here within the WordPress.com community itself. There are a number of other bloggers and YouTubers whose sites do an excellent job of providing a touchstone of reality for those of you who may be reeling at the hands of your dastardly devils.

From my experience, they are an excellent place to start your recovery process. You will find a whopping dose of external validation from others who have experienced the same thing you are experiencing—something that, at first, seems so unbelievable. My visiting these sites, you will find that what’s happening to you is not that unusual at all.

Said another way: This blog is purely for entertainment and creativity purposes—a vehicle to indulge my somewhat twisted sense of humor and creativity, drawing upon the events of my very real [and also once tragic] experiences.