Fait Accompli

There are traumatic events in life—times when we feel victimized by unfeeling perpetrators. All too often, the abruptness of the cataclysm, how a person left, the cruelness of their tactics, and/or any of a number of other factors may preclude a proper and satisfying rebuttal on our part. For example, in instances of sudden spousal abandonment, unexpected divorce, betrayal by friends/relatives, sabotage by coworkers, ruthless workplace politics, and many other heinous things—the offenders seem to always flit off unscathed.

Ever-proud of their prowess, they smugly gloat over how easily they [think] they ‘got over’ on someone else, most times deepening their sense of entitlement and unabashed superiority. They skip off on their merry way, feeling self-validated, believing that they truly are as they see themselves: masterful, stealth, and invincible.

Targets Of Abuse

Many of those perpetrated upon soon discover the sad truth that the circumstances of their malignant manipulation were intricately crafted by the offender and/or his/her accomplice(s) to ensure that the target of their abuse is not able to adequately have their say.

The persons targeted by these evil folks too soon conclude that further interaction with the perpetrator and his/her flying monkeys would be tantamount to “casting pearls before swine”. This further feeds the offender’s narcissistic demons—the very demons that derived pleasure from causing such agony in the first place.

Keeping Records – Taking Names

So what’s a person to do with all that seething anger and/or pent up feelings when they’ve been done like this? Like a pot of hot water ready to boil over, bad things can happen when too-tight a lid is kept on so much pent-up frustration and emotion. It needs to be vented somewhere.

Commonly, clergy, lay counselors and psychological professionals recommend journaling as an effective way to work through a healing process. As a person journals, the mental rumination slows down considerably and overwhelming thoughts and emotions settle into logical thought patterns and sequences. In other words, the very process of keeping a journal forces a person to acknowledge their painful thoughts and emotions in order to record them.

But Oh, The Wonders Of Technology

Today, we have technology and tools at our disposal that we never even thought of having just a few short years ago. Blogging is one such tool. Blogging is wonderful in that it takes the process of cathartic writing to a whole new level … a sort of journaling on steroids, if you will.

No longer is journaling done using a one-reader-at-a-time hardcopy of a book tucked away in a nightstand somewhere—designed for personal access only. A public blog [and better yet, an anonymous one!] provides the same much-needed catharsis as a personal journal—but with an extra-sexy bonus—knowing that multiple people can simultaneously read and share their unheard, previously censored, or perhaps discounted perspective.

Granted, blogging can never change what has already transpired, but oh the satisfaction of finally being able to be fully heard. It’s wonderfully validating. Even exhilarating. And when you throw in a big dose or two of good natured humor and satire, it’s becomes downright fun!

So Paul Harvey – Meet Hollywood

I said all that to say this. What you will find here on my site are written compositions and media projects I that over time I put together in honor of the various folks who still think they ‘got one over’ on me through the years. Now don’t panic y’all. No real names are used so anything you think you derive from my site will be purely speculation on your part.

However, if you DO happen to be one of the perps from my story that I write about and you think you recognize yourself in any of my posts, all I can say is … ‘sorry about your luck’. [Hang on where you think you fit!]

For the rest of you [who aren’t perps and are here solely for entertainment purposes] … in the interest of balanced journalism, I invite you to grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up and, as Paul Harvey used to say: …

Stay tuned for ‘The Rest Of The Story” …

And at the end of the day, remember …. “Nobody puts baby in a corner.”