Jumping Jack Flash [back]

One day while posting an essay I’d just finished, I remembered a comment made to me by my last employers’ CPA whom I’d cc’d on documentation I put together to address an issue with one of the doctors who persistently attempted to run glaringly obvious personal expenses through the corporation as ‘business expenses’ for the pre-tax benefit. After opening her email and reading what I’d documented, she immediately called me to laugh. She quipped that I may want to consider a writing poison pen letters for other people as a back up career.

I had another chuckle as I recalled my runaway husband once saying to me: “I hope you never have occasion to write me a letter because once you get behind the keyboard and start saying what you would never say to my face, you scare me—and I’m fearless”.

Now there’s a bit of ironic hilarity. “Fearless’ people do not slink away like cowards. ‘Fearless’ people do not ghost long term relationships. “Fearless’ people find the decency to end relationships the correct way—by sitting down and having ‘the talk’. “Fearless’ people do not capriciously disappear. But, oops, I digress … Sorry ’bout that.

Mea Culpa

I have to admit that some of my essays DID come pretty close to being poison pen letters—at least for the first few years. I have since dialed down the vitriol a number of decibels. I have since removed my first run fire-breathing smack downs from the internet. I now write humor from a more centered, good natured, happier place.

It all comes down to this … At the end of the day, “It is what it is” as they say. Being viscerally reactionary may be a place you get shoved into and forced to visit for a time, but you can’t put down roots and live there. 

The Takeaway

The Cliff Notes of my story is that I had to cry, snot, and blow my nose for a long time to see the silver lining in my story, but the fact remains that my husband, The Other Woman, and all the other people that once caused me such angst, actually eally did me a huge favor. They helped me rediscover my ‘gift’.

As The Bard once said, we all must suffer ‘slings and arrows’ in life. And today, my perspective is why not laugh about it? Why not poke fun at it? We need something to justify all those gray hairs. I know that I’ve earned every single one of mine. How ’bout you?

At the end of the day, it’s all good. Even adversity works out for our good, eventually.

Purpose Of This Site

So that’s it. That’s what this site is dedicated to—my humorous reflections.

The Supremes

Through the mirror of my mind – time after time – I see reflections of you and me
Reflections of the way life used to be – Reflections of the cash you took from me

Oh, I’m all alone now – No love to shield me – Trapped in a world that’s a Plus 40+ reality
All that cash — you took from me – and left me all alone with only these pennies 

Through the mirror of my mind – through these tears that I cried – Reflects a snark I can’t control
Cause although you’re gone – I keep ROFLing on — To the happy times
Oooh, when you weren’t mine 

As I peer through the window of lost time – Looking over my bank today
And all the cash I gave you in vain

(All the love) All the cash that I’ve wasted – (All the tears) All the tears that I’ve tasted – All in vain

Through the hollow of my tears – I see a dream that’s lost – From the hurt that you have caused
Everywhere I turn – Seems like everything I see – Reflects my cash that used to be

In you I put all my faith and trust – Right before my eyes – I cried and learned to cuss

After all the nights I sat alone and wept – Just a handful of promissory notes – Are all that’s left  loving you

Reflections of the way life used to be – Reflections of the cash you took from me
In you I put all my faith and trust – Right before my eyes – I cried and learned to cuss

Now baby, why did you do it?

Songwriters: Jr. / Brian Holland / Edward Holland / Edward Jr. Holland / Lamont Dozier / Lamont Herbert Dozier
Reflections lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC