So What Is Truth?

It’s human nature. No one cherishes the thought of being misunderstood, maligned, betrayed, and/or cast in a bad light. But, it happens, so we might as well figure out how we’re going to deal with it. At some time or another in life—in  every one of our journeys—we will all be subject to the luck of the draw. We get dealt The Joker card by someone dealing from the bottom of the deck. I know, because it happened to me. Big time.

Big Girl Or Big Boy Pants Needed

That said, I know my truth about what happened, and that’s all that matters—now. However, until just recently, it always bothered me whenever I suspected that someone thought badly of me, or when [gasp!-heaven forbid!] someone actually might NOT like me.

I was raised by a mother [aka Sis. ‘Saint Jean’] who taught me to always be a perfect Pollyanna People Pleaser. So for over 50 years, I followed her advice. Finally though, the day arrived that I became really tired of that burden. I have to admit that it was somewhat of a freeing feeing to finally experience no longer caring what other people [especially ‘those’ people in my past] thought of me.

A Few Good Lessons

One of the biggest mistakes I made along the way was that I made a very grave error in thinking of employers and coworkers as being in the the category of ‘friends’ or ‘family’. Put simply, it is now indelibly branded on my hide that there are no friends or family in a business setting. When this became a revelation to me that this was indeed the case with such people, I made the summary judgment that these folks were not worth one more second of my time or energy.

My perspective changed immediately. Today, that perspective is ‘let them all do the happy dance together’. Bless their hearts, as they say in the South.

Poetic Justice Comes A Calling

All of my mental wrangling has boiled down a nasty quagmire condensed into a number salient points about my detractors. Namely:

I have the better end of the deal in that I no longer have to deal with any of them. Super big plus. They, however, all all left to continue to deal with each other. My humor sees that that as a jackpot of entertaining payback for me. More than likely, they are all still on the merry-go-round together, and haven’t realized that their May Day has come and gone. And like the salves of Egypt, they are still stuck in a big quagmire, dancing like a bunch of mud-daubers in the pits together. [Insert: Moment of respectful silence].

My Ex Husband? [aka Now ‘Her’ Husband]

I have a few somewhat sad personal opinions and conclusions about that whole scenario. Most notably—lke the rest of us poor schmucks in this life—my ex ordered up his own Karma as a result of his own choices and behavior, if you believe in such a thing. When/if it will be delivered—and to what extent—remains to be seen. Not my interest or concern any longer.

In a conversation he and I had about a year after he left, my Runaway Romeo openly admitted to me that he now realized that he had picked a partner ‘just like himself’. He offered that he was beginning to appreciate what I had experienced living with him all those years—enduring his anger outbursts, tirades of blaming, and constant state of aggravation. Based on his own admission, I can only conclude that the woman he chose as his new soul mate exhibits these same attributes. How this plays out should be interesting, to say the least. Stayed tuned. Film at 11.

The woman that my Runaway Romeo left me for [an old girlfriend of his from high school] also was a real gem as she left her then-husband as well, so she could abscond with my husband.

My Runaway Romeo must find her a real catch. To each his own.

And whether either of them ever admit to it or not, I suspect there are probably some significant trust issues in that relationship—even if only based on the way in they started their little love tryst. Statistics bear out that two cheaters/abandoners bound together in a ‘committed’ relationship doesn’t exactly portend odds of success and longevity. But then, hey, I’m just a ‘pathetic’ dump-ee who got left behind—so what do I know? LOL.

Thankfully, time heals all wounds as they. I can now honestly, wholeheartedly [and humorously] say ‘May The Force be with them’—and truly mean it. That said, I’d bet money that one [or both] of them sleeps with one eye open, just to be safe. I’m just sayin’. LOL.

My Former Bosses?

Now, there’s a real knee-slapping comedy skit in the making there. My guess is that they’re probably all still in business together. I also guess that they’re still unable to agree to on anything in a board meeting. More fun times at Ridgemont High for my replacement.

I also suspect that they’re all still bemoaning to anyone who will listen—like they constantly did to me—about that one very  obnoxious older-than-Methuselah founding partner of the practice who [like a zombie from The Night Of The Living Dead] refuses to die and go away. Good luck with that. Wink. Wink. I’ll check in with them via the internet in 2025. LOL.

My Three Former Direct Reports? [aka Humor & Frivolity To The Third Power]

I suspect these wonderful ladies who orchestrated the smear campaign against me are probably all still working together. I’d also bet that they are still holding hands, singing Ring Around The Rosy by the flagpole. I also bet they are still playing kissy-face one day, then stabbing each other in the back the next. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

In A Nutshell [Pun Intended]

Granted these are merely my personal opinions and humorous suppositions, but it’s an undisputed fact that I am the ultimate expert on my own personal opinions and definition of humor.

So, as Larry The Cable Guy says, “That’s funny … I don’t care who you are.’