January 26, 2020

Testing, Testing, 1 … 2 … 3

Give That Girl A Special Test Corporate America seems to be enamored with personality assessments. Periodically, another one pops up, devised by another PhD with nothing to else to do—or so it seems. The architects of these assessments tout that the tests results are correlated to a person’s future job performance. Perhaps—in some cases. But […]

In Memory Of Little Red Riding Hood

What’s In A Name? We’ve all heard that old saying that sticks and stones will break one’s bones. And some people get SO wrapped around the axle when other people call them names. Boo hoo … Tito, hand me a tissue. Oh puhleeeze! Not me. Actually, I’m okay with a little name calling between friends—especially […]

Excuse Me, While I Wax Sentimental Over My Empty Bank Account

I’m Not The First & I Won’t Be The Last Without going into all the details here, my husband ghosted me. It’s not uncommon for abandoning spouses to clear out what had formerly been ‘joint’ bank accounts when they leave. My husband was one of those runaway spouses who did this. But I’m not bitter […]