January 26, 2020

The Humor Of A Bad Boot Sector

 “Laughter rises out of tragedy and rewards you for your courage.’~ Erma Bombeck The Brain Is Like A Hard Disk In Many Ways If you’ve ever had a hard disk infected with malware, you know that sometimes a harsh cleaning process is necessary to remediate the problem. That is, if you wish to keep the […]

Tripping Back Now To Places You’ve Been To? … Nah, I’ll Pass

Here’s My Desk … BTW … Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya! A few short years ago—prior to 2011—I never would have believed that I could have such a change in perspective. Today I am very grateful to have been forcibly ejected from my so called ‘career’. I didn’t realize it back then, but I had become […]

Tempted By The View In The Rear View Mirror?

You Can Never Go Home Again At one time or another, I think we all get tempted to revisit our pasts and reopen old wounds—even when we know we shouldn’t. In 2014, a good three years after my husband left, I did just that. I was still living in my home state of Ohio. I’d […]

Beware, The Devil Is In The Potato Salad: How Toxic People Are Like Rotting Potatoes

And Insult To Potatoes Everywhere It’s a well known fact in the Low Carb & Keto communities that potatoes are anathema. It is often said that the deleterious effects of consuming potatoes can be far worse for those with insulin sensitivity than putting one’s face down in a bowl of granulated sugar. Supposedly, that’s because […]

In Memory Of Little Red Riding Hood

What’s In A Name? We’ve all heard that old saying that sticks and stones will break one’s bones. And some people get SO wrapped around the axle when other people call them names. Boo hoo … Tito, hand me a tissue. Oh puhleeeze! Not me. Actually, I’m okay with a little name calling between friends—especially […]

Trust Me Sweetie, You Don’t Want To Go To That Kind Of Dance

Just Say No To The ‘Pick Me’ Dance Ladies and/or gentlemen, should you ever find yourselves as a veritable ‘dump-ee’—suddenly thrown to the curb by an affairing and/or departing spouse, learn by my mistake. Never lower yourself to grovel—not even once! Please, please, PLEASE[!] learn from my idiocy and do not fall into this trap. […]