February 17, 2020

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My Husband Had An Affair With An Apparition – Wait! What?!

Your Cell Phone Is Ringing Some 10 months after The Great Escape, my husband surprisingly suspended his self-imposed No Contact edict long enough to place a very bizarre call to me from overseas. I found that quite odd. Hmmmm …. Had New Woman granted him a temporary hall pass? Had she allowed him to call […]


Cheaters who abandon are Polar-Vortex-Lake-Michigan-In-February-Ice-Ice-Baby-Cold This post is excerpted verbatim [with expletives deleted] from the blog site Chumplady.com, originally posted on September 24, 2014.  Full post and comments here: https://www.chumplady.com/2014/09/the-ones-who-just-leave/ The Ones Who Just Leave But what about the ones who just go without a fight? Who just abandon? Who never come back? There’s no […]

Casper Stars In His Own Lifetime Movie

Introducing ‘The Ordeal’ ~ Caspar Stars In His Own Lifetime Movie By way of introduction, if you’ve never been to any of my 27 other sites and aren’t already familiar with my writing, ‘The Ordeal’ is the intentionally-flippant and mockingingly irreverent name that I’ve given to events in my life that occurred from 2011 to […]

Pardon Me Ma’am, But Your Go Around Is About To Come Around

Rose Colored Glasses You Always See What You Want To See If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you never know what will happen when you get up in the morning. Especially when you discover that your go-round has finally come-around. I say this because exactly 29 years into my marriage to Blue Eyes—my […]

Oh The Fun Of Getting Divorced In Absentia

After Dearest Blue Eyes ghosted and left the country with his new source of narcissistic supply, he was essentially untouchable. Yep, he was securely tucked away with his old love on another continent, safely hidden among a billion people in India, with no known forwarding address or verifiable contact info. Lovely. Free Bird Has Flown The […]

Testing, Testing, 1 … 2 … 3

Give That Girl A Special Test Corporate America seems to be enamored with personality assessments. Periodically, another one pops up, devised by another PhD with nothing to else to do—or so it seems. The architects of these assessments tout that the tests results are correlated to a person’s future job performance. Perhaps—in some cases. But […]

The Humor Of A Bad Boot Sector

 “Laughter rises out of tragedy and rewards you for your courage.’~ Erma Bombeck The Brain Is Like A Hard Disk In Many Ways If you’ve ever had a hard disk infected with malware, you know that sometimes a harsh cleaning process is necessary to remediate the problem. That is, if you wish to keep the […]

Tripping Back Now To Places You’ve Been To? … Nah, I’ll Pass

Here’s My Desk … BTW … Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya! A few short years ago—prior to 2011—I never would have believed that I could have such a change in perspective. Today I am very grateful to have been forcibly ejected from my so called ‘career’. I didn’t realize it back then, but I had become […]

Black Is The New Black~Dispensing With The Garments of Widowhood Once & For All

Good Grief, What Is She Wearing? After my husband left me and I got fired from my job for being the constantly-crying victim that I was for a while, I became a modern day Rip Van Winkle. Emotionally, I was in a stress-induced coma, immobilized and unconscious with grief for several years. Well, DUH! … even brown […]

Tempted By The View In The Rear View Mirror?

You Can Never Go Home Again At one time or another, I think we all get tempted to revisit our pasts and reopen old wounds—even when we know we shouldn’t. In 2014, a good three years after my husband left, I did just that. I was still living in my home state of Ohio. I’d […]