Ah, you’d probably pass me on the street and never notice me. I’m just a retired young-at-heart grandma who was ghosted by her husband, lost everything that she had, and now lives as a very different lifestyle. Now before you jump to conclusions and start thinking I’m some sort of Debbie Downer forever wallowing in the past, or that this is another one of those snark-the-narc sites—let me hit the pause button on that right now. Today I’m actually a pretty happy camper–albeit a austere one.

Trust me, when enough time passes, and enough water flows under the bridge, you come to accept that whatever has happened in your life was actually for your good. And if nothing else, you find it all a great learning experience. Moreover, it helps that I believe God will withhold no good thing from us [Psalms 84:11]. So if we don’t have something–or if we somehow lose it and don’t get it back—well, then … my perspective is: connect the dots.

Even heartbreak Can Be Funny If You Let It

Who knew? After years of what I thought was a happy marriage [nigh next to Nirvana as far as I was concerned], I found myself standing alone, blinded by a spotlight on a large, dark, and very public stage. Every eye was on me. I heard a foreboding drum roll. A figure wearing a tuxedo and white gloves stepped out of the shadows and handed me an envelope.

It wasn’t The Oscars, so why all the pomp and ceremony, I wondered? Nervously, I opened the envelope. Printed there on beautiful heavyweight white linen card stock were these words:

‘It was never Camelot my dear … And Nirvana? … Just a grunge band from Seattle …  Move along now.’

Slap to the forehead. Wow! Had I known, I coulda had a V-8! Obviously, I’m jesting. And obviously answers to life’s problems are not that simplistic. But at the end of the day, that really was my answer. I just needed to accept it.

Final Answer? Final Answer!

I truly believe that the ruling on whether the things that occur in our lives are good or bad is simply a matter of perspective. Perspective that can change — if we allow it. Not to sound all New Age-y and corny, but that aphorism is true: ‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’ Through my protracted nightmare, I got an up-close-and-personal glimpse of the seedy underbelly of humanity that surrounds all of us. Seediness that to that point I had been insulated from for the most part.

However, the final outcome of my very bad choices [i.e., marrying Gorgeous Man From College over my very real gut check], I was treated to a crash course in Machiavellianism.

Put simply, Pollyanna Stupid here got ‘taken to school’ where affairs of the heart were concerned. I then went on to get a whopping dose of un-asked-for continuing education in workplace politics, flying monkeys, so-called friends, duplicitous co-workers, reversals of fortune, and lectures from Job’s comforters.

The Bright Side

However, at the end of my ordeal, I’m much better off having experienced it all. Some people only learn the hard way. I was one of those people. Both of my hands are both up. Mea culpa. Guilty as charged.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Enlightenment

I love the above quote by Erma Bombeck. I love it because I’ve found it to be so very true. I guess that despite the fact that I behaved like The Cowardly Lion from The Wizard Of Oz, I must’ve had a teeny bit of courage somewhere along the line because as they say in Boston, I now have a ‘wicked’ sense of humor about my sordid ‘ordeal’.

Ironically, this old song from back in the day applies to what happened to me in my life. When I hear it, I hear the lyrics as my Intuition singing me some ‘told-you-so’ mockery for marrying Mr. Romeo anyway when I knew that I shouldn’t. LOL