Our Not So Silent Partner

This post is being brought to you our sponsor ‘Intuition’ … That Inner Knowing that we all have … That spidey sense that’s always looking out for us, serving us up that ill-at-ease ‘gut feeling’, alerting us when something may not be ‘quite right’ or as it initially appears.

Like when we first meet someone and find ourselves in a perplexing ‘situation’ and we get that ‘uh oh’ feeling. Many times Intuition warns us NOT to do something, but we want it so badly that we run pall mall off the cliff and do it anyway.

Been There, Done That

This has been my experience—far too many times. Regrettably, this was the case where my ex husband was concerned. A particular instance sticks out in my mind, back when my Runaway Romeo and I were first seeing each other.

It was a very cold January night and he and I were going out. As we went outside and got into his vehicle, we couldn’t leave immediately because the entire front windshield was frozen solid, overtaken with frost. We had to sit there for a couple of minutes minute while the engine warmed enough for the thermostat to kick in and begin defrosting the windshield. As he was still adjusting the vents and heat settings, it was like a voice said to me:

“This is the type of guy your mother would warn you about”.

Say Again?

Just as quickly as that thought registered in my mind and I realized I’d had one of those ‘uh oh’ moments, I furrowed my brows mentally responded: “Pfffft! So we’re hearing voices, now? … Girl, look at him! … He’s gorgeous! …  You, my dear, are simply being paranoid!’ And the rest is history.

Sadly, we often discount that Inner Knowing to our peril. I’ll wax serious here and suggest a good book that I think everyone should read that talks about just this very thing. The name of the book is The Gift Of Fear by Gavin de Becker. The author, speaks of how we should learn to trust that gut feeling—because it’s actually a gift we’ve been given. A gift that can help you avoid a lot of mistakes down the road, if you listen.

Lesson Learned

Throughout my young adult life,  I ignored that Voice many times. So many times in fact, that when I am sitting in the stillness and everything around me is eerily quiet, my oft-offended and snubbed friend named Intuition busts my chop by quietly whispering, “I told you so!”

She then drops a coin in the mental jukebox and plays me this song, rubbing it in about how I ignored her 911 about my ex husband, well before the fact.

Take a listen: