Entre Si Vous Plait

By way of introduction, if you’ve never been to any of my other blogs and aren’t already familiar with my writing, I am PikePlace77. I write satire about the period of my life [circa 2011 to 2015] that I now posthumously refer to as ‘The Ordeal’. It was during this time that I was lost in space, floating around untethered—trying desperately to figure out which end was up after my husband’s surprise exodus from our 29 year marriage/life together.


I had no idea any of this was coming, so naturally, I was gobsmacked by his leaving. My little darling—like Snagglepuss in the old Hannah Barbera cartoon [thinking himself to be The King Of The Jungle] decided to seize his opportunity to make a run for it. Bless his heart.

With no warning, he looked around, saw an open door, and simply said:  “Exit … Stage Left” Who knew?