October 23, 2019

Oh The Humor Of A Bad Boot Sector

Erma Had It Right Erma Bombeck once said, “Laughter rises out of tragedy and rewards you for your courage.’ I have found this to be true. Undoubtedly, the period of time during what I call ‘The Ordeal’—the first few years after my husband of 29 years ghosted me and left the country—would have to be […]

Tempted By The View In The Rear View Mirror?

You Can Never Go Home Again At one time or another, I think we all get tempted to revisit our pasts and reopen old wounds—even when we know we shouldn’t. In 2014—a good three years after my husband left—I did just that. I was still living in my home state. I’d not moved yet. One […]

LoveMart Shoppers, The Morgue Will Be Closing in Ten Minutes

Excuse Me Ma’am, But Is All That Lint From Your Navel? I can’t speak for anyone else, but it’s been my experience that when your life suddenly falls apart and you don’t know why, you tend to navel-gaze and introspect deeply. I know I did. I turned over every rock that I’d stepped on in the […]

Eventually, Even Heartbreak Becomes Funny

Smart Move Einstein Doing videos and writing various blogs—such as my now defunct ‘Letters To My Past’, as my daughter once wisely suggested—were two very effective ways that I ‘therapized’ myself when I had no health insurance or means to pay for a professional counseling while working my way through the adjustment period after my […]

Not Sold In Stores: My [Out Of Print] Digital Drive By Collection

Auditing The Lookback Period Suffice it to say that I journaled ad nauseum after my husband ghosted me in 2011. In cleaning out some old storage bins a few years later, I ran across my early journals. As I read them, I found myself shaking my head and musing, “Oh, my word! Did I actually […]

You Expected Your Aquarius Love Interest To Be Caring & Faithful? ~ The Crowd Roars With Laughter

When The Moon Is In The 7th House & Jupiter Aligns With Mars I was early born in the first week of February, so astrologically, that makes me an Aquarius Sun. And I married another Aquarius Sun. Yes indeed, Casper His Ghostness was also an Aqua. Danger Will Robinson! Danger Will Robinson! The reason this […]

Pardon Me, While I Wax Sentimental Over My Empty Bank Account [Humor]

I’m Not The First & I Won’t Be The Last It’s not uncommon for abandoning spouses to clear out what had formerly been considered to be ‘joint’ bank accounts. We can’t be too hard on Runaway Romeos or Satan’s Mistresses because they need to fund their escapades somehow, right? In any event, there’s no need […]

Unwrapping A Suspect Package

Finding One’s ‘Gift’ Can Be Hazardous I truly believe that we all are given gifts and talents to help us through our journey here on earth. For over 50 years, I wondered what my gift might possibly be—because from my perspective—I certainly didn’t see one. In other words, I didn’t have a penchant for donning […]

Keep Hands & Arms Inside The Car ~ Do Not Stand Up

Enter Stage Right We all come to this earth and walk various paths of life. Lucky folks find the path set for their life journeys to be rather normal and the tracks run relatively close to the ground. Oh sure, even on these ‘normal’ paths, there still are bumps in the road. Everyone has them. […]

Testing, Testing, 1 … 2 … 3

Give That Girl A Special Test Corporate America seems to be enamored with personality assessments. Periodically, another one pops up, devised by another PhD with nothing to else to do—or so it seems. The ‘architects’ of these assessments tout that the tests results are correlated to a person’s future job performance. Perhaps in some cases, […]

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